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Luxury Second-Home Villa Project in Malshej Ghats

Everyone who lives in big cities craves an escape from time to time. This Malshej property is here to cater to that very need of wanting to get a break from the fast-moving, high-tension lifestyle. Just a few hours outside of Mumbai, this vast land in the very crevice of nature is the perfect area to have a home away from home.

Whether it is to spend time with the family or just get a breath of fresh air away from the bustle of the city, getting a villa at this property is the ultimate weekend vacation for all. With the domesticity of a home and the world-class services of a 5-star hotel, these branded villas will make for a memorable getaway on each visit.

Activities that get you to be one with nature and can be enjoyed by people of all ages are easily arranged.

  • Concierge and room servicing exactly like a 5-star luxury hotel with multiple dining options on-site.
  • Guests can keep themselves entertained with all-day access and special privileges to the resort facilities.
  • Villas are designed in a way that they provide complete privacy to the guests, letting them enjoy the quiet and peace till their heart’s content.

Luxury Second-Home Villa Project in Malshej Ghats


Malshej Ghats, Maharashtra

Project Area:

25 acres

Year Built:

Upcoming Project

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